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We love Solana. We love Solana enjoyoors. We have watched people like you grinding to make the right moves, and we feel your Windfall is long overdue. Are you in, anon? Get that bag.

Windfall - noun

a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically one that involves receiving a large amount of money.

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“Get that bag, anon.”

About Windfallers

On a mission to change lives on the Solana blockchain

Windfallers was born out of a single question: "How cool would it be to drop 100 SOL into an anon's wallet who only has a few SOL and too many memecoins?" We thought it would feel really good to give back to those who make the community on Solana what it is, and so Windfallers was born.

The premise is simple: begin by minting 500 pfp NFTs for 2 SOL a piece. With 1,000 SOL received, split it 50/50 with the Windfallers community. 500 SOL will go into the Windfallers' wallet, ready to be distributed randomly to Windfallers holders. These distributions are called Windfalls, where we pick a Windfaller pfp at random, and send them an absurd amount of SOL.

After we have completed a series of Windfalls and have given away the 500 SOL from the first mint, we will then gear up to launch the next mint of 500 pfp NFTs, and do it all over again. 500 SOL ready to be distributed to Windfallers holders. Lives changed. Those who get in earlier to support the project will be rewarded with greater chances to receive a Windfall.


  • "What would happen if we dropped 100 SOL into an anon's Wallet?"


  • Create art and traits for the first Mint


  • Create Windfallers Website


  • Prep for launching the first Mint


  • Create a new page filled with excellent Solana Resources


  • Hit up Social Media to establish the Community


  • Launch the first 500 pfp Mint


  • Give absurd amounts of SOL to various holders via Windfalls

    On Track

  • Prep for the next Mint

    On Track

  • Launch the second set of 500 pfps Mint

    On Track

  • Rinse and Repeat

    On Track

  • Introduce new utilities that bring real world value to holders. Next up: Revenue Share

    On Track


If you have read this far, you are likely considering purchasing a primary or secondary Windfaller! We think it is important that you know which Values we believe in and let guide this project, to help you make a more informed purchase.


We want to change lives, and to do so we are aiming to become the most generous project on Solana.


We encourage and consider feedback from Windfallers holders and Solana anons alike. It takes hard work and iteration to become an excellent project, and we are here to do just that.

Good Vibes

We are not oblivious to the fact that this space has experienced toxicity as we have been in it for a long time. We are a project that spreads good vibes and community.

Take a Sneak Peak

We are obsessed with pixel art like many Solana enjoyoors! The decision to create a pixel art generative collection was a no-brainer because it felt like going back to our Solana roots. Note: These examples are from a practice round generating our art, and not from the first mint yet to launch!

  • Skater Girl windfaller

    Skater Girl


    She is unbothered and ready to skate into Solana Summer! This pfp has a clean and classic look, excellent for any anon.

  • Average Solana Anon windfaller

    Average Solana Anon


    Equipped with beer and a blunt, this king is ready for yet another Windfall to rain down on him from one of his favorite communities.

  • Peaceful Prisoner windfaller

    Peaceful Prisoner

    Now with Window!

    A smile on his face and an orange jumpsuit on his body, this degen stares through one of the rarest traits in the Windfallers first mint: a Window.

  • Solana Enjoyoor windfaller

    Solana Enjoyoor

    Wealth for All

    We have a firm belief that the true Solana Enjoyoor will eventually have a pile of gold in front of them one day. We are here to speed up that process.

Additional Nuts and Bolts

Ready to begin, anon?
Get that bag.

Mint is now live! If you have any questions, please reach out via DM on Twitter. Also feel free to familiarize yourself with Moonrank!