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Solana is filled with incredible experiences and resources. We would like to turn your attention to some exceptional resources out there. This list will continually be added to, and we highly recommend you visit these resources to have an incredible experience on Solana. NFA and DYOR.

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SOL Liquid Staking

SolBlaze runs a liquid stake pool called BlazeStake, which stakes your SOL to 200+ validators in order to maximize decentralization on Solana. By staking SOL with BlazeStake, you can help support the Solana network while earning consistent staking rewards, gaining additional yields in DeFi, and qualifying for airdrops.

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Pixel Puffs

Art. Memes. Community.

Looking for a solid community that won't disappear tomorrow or have a dead group chat? Pixel Puffs is the answer. Pixel Puffs provides an array of invaluable resources when it comes to community and connections. Some of the biggest names on Solana own a Pixel Puff, and the vibes are immaculate. It is proven that those who hold a Puff end up happier and richer.

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Banana Tools

Open Source Solana Tools

From a champion of open source code, Banana Tools are every dev's and founder's dream. From Burning to Mass Send, Banana Tools provides helpful actions on the Solana Blockchain so you can provide the best experience for holders of your project, or your own personal use cases. Devs rejoice, for you can inspect the open source code at so you can build faster with a solid foundation.

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